Guest Comics

Comics drawn by generous donors!

The Screaming Voice Of Their Generation

The Beginning

The first comics published.
Jan 07, 2014Problem Solving
Jan 09, 2014Mediums
Jan 14, 2014Compliments
Jan 16, 2014Silence
Jan 21, 2014Whats In A Name?
Jan 23, 2014Mail
Jan 28, 2014BrainThoughts101
Jan 30, 2014Star Wars Babies

Crushed Hopes and Sasquatch-ed Dreams

A story of triumph and despair.
Feb 06, 2014Watch How I Soar
Feb 13, 2014McJobs
Feb 18, 2014Unicorns
Feb 20, 2014Narcissist
Feb 25, 2014Life Essentials
Mar 04, 2014Magic
Mar 11, 2014Cryptozoology
Mar 13, 2014Help?
Mar 18, 2014Eight Foot Miracle
Mar 20, 2014Splat
Mar 25, 2014Out Damned Spot
Mar 27, 2014Fully Stocked
Apr 01, 2014The Hero's Feast
Apr 03, 2014Over Acheiver

Modern Mixed Up Metaphors

The second instalment of comics where lunchbox and Matt get into the comic making rhythm.
Apr 08, 2014Comfort Food
Apr 10, 2014Megalomelleninal
Apr 14, 2014Predator On Ice
Apr 17, 2014Spin Off Surprise
Apr 24, 2014Canadian Content
Apr 29, 2014Blitz Pizza
May 06, 2014Short A Bus Pass
May 08, 2014Payment Decline
May 14, 2014Sunstroked

Old Friends New Faces Bagged Milk

Loeb and Lunchbox prepare for a party to celebrate Brain Thought Word Say's 50th comic